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About me

As an IT professional with over 8 years of experience in the field, I have worked in a diverse variety of disciplines from technical support to software design and development. I very much enjoy a technical challenge, and I pride myself on developing elegant, future-proof solutions to keep your business efficiently moving forward.

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Web Design and Authoring

A coherent, modern, and well presented front is an invaluable asset to your business. I continuously study the latest technologies and design standards in order to produce clean and accessible content which caters to desktop and mobile devices alike, ensuring you always present a unified and welcoming front to your customers.


Readability on mobile devices these days is arguably more important than on desktop browsers. All of my sites make use of the Materialize web framework to ensure a clean, legible layout across all types of browser.


It is central to my beliefs that access to information on the Internet should be straightforward for everybody. To that end, I do my best to ensure that my products conform to the W3C's WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines as much as is possible.


The legal landscape of the Internet has recently undergone some significant changes, the EU PECR being just one example, with fines for non-compliance being a serious concern for businesses. I continuously study and keep up to speed with the latest developments in Internet law, ensuring my products are always compliant.

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Application Development

In today's fast-paced global economy it is more important than ever to streamline your business wherever you can, and often commercially-available software systems will only get you half of the way there. Leveraging the power of the Microsoft .NET Framework I am able to produce desktop and mobile applications which are fast, easy to use, and contain only the features you want with no extra clutter. Where your business needs it I am able to integrate both Web and device-based applications to provide a unified system across your whole business.

Infinite possibilities

Whether you need a simple contact form or a booking system capable of handling thousands of users, I can develop it.

Maximum security

With the advent of the EU GDPR, and recent high profile breaches, data security is at the forefront of industry concerns. All my products are developed following industry best practices for data security, and I utilize AES-256 encryption to protect sensitive data from the moment it is entered.

Maximum performance

Because of the technologies I use you can guarantee the finished product will run swiftly and with as small a resource footprint as possible.

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IT Services

As well as development and authoring, I also provide a number of other IT services:


With nearly a decade of experience working with Microsoft's flagship enterprise technologies and operating systems, I am well suited to cater to all of your day to day maintenance needs.

Break Fix/Wintel Support

For businesses without in-house IT support, I can offer a competitive package for break/fix and remote support on any "Wintel" platform, leaving your staff to concentrate on core duties instead of troubleshooting technical issues.

Endpoint Security

Through a number of carefully selected vendors I am able to provide a robust, fully-managed endpoint security solution to ensure your business remains fully protected from even the latest threats.


Don't just take my word for it - here is what some of my clients have had to say!

I contacted Alister with some issues I was hoping he could look at with my website. I have been working with him over the last week, and plan to continue working with him for the forseeable future! I could not ask for a more friendly, approachable and efficient web guy to work on my site. His expertise has freed up more of my time so that I can get my own work done instead of desperately trying to code myself, without any real understanding of how code works. It's a weight off my shoulders that I can send a few messages his way and be confident that he will give my issue his full attention. Alister works WITH me, running his edits by me in a timely and friendly way. I couldn't be happier with his service so far and I would recommend him to anybody! Thank you so much Alister for helping me with my site bugs and making my site look more professional overall.

Rebecca Kitchen, Giftonomy UK

So glad that Alister was recommended to me, to design my website. Contacted him on the monday and my website was ready by the wednesday...(probably would have been even quicker had i not slowed him down haha)! Fantastic approach, put my mind to rest knowing that he was in control of everything. Could not have asked for a better web designer. His service is second to none. Will defo be coming back to him when i need help in the future. Thankyou once again!

Shenaz Razaq, KAYASZ

Current Clients

These are some of the companies I have provided solutions for in the past: